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Which Colour To Wear On Which Day Astrology

No more relying on luck! Use astrology to choose the perfect hue for each day. Learn how the right color can boost your mood and attract positive vibes. Step into the fascinating world of astrological colors and make a statement with your wardrobe.

Astrology has been used for ages to discover ourselves and our lives. It’s not just about understanding personality traits – it also tells us which colors match our energies. Each day is governed by a different planet, and wearing its color can enhance its magic.

Monday’s Moon calls for tranquil shades such as silver or white. Tuesday, ruled by Mars, requires fiery red or orange to fire up our passion. Wednesday, Mercury’s day, prefers bright yellow or green to spark our communication skills.

Something special: Thursday, governed by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wealth. To access its power, dress in royal blue or purple. These colors signify success, abundance, and wisdom – gifts from Jupiter.

Let’s tell the story of Sarah. She had been struggling with her career for months, getting nowhere despite her hard work. She heard of astrology and its influence on life, and decided to experiment with colors based on the planet of each day. On Thursdays before meetings or networking events, Sarah wore dresses in blue or purple.

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She was amazed at the difference! She felt more confident and those around her noticed it. Her charm and authority captivated her colleagues and employers alike. Simply wearing the right color opened many doors for her. It improved her professional life and self-esteem.

Sarah’s story shows how astrological colors can influence our lives. Whether you want love, career success, or overall wellness – adding the right color to your wardrobe can create a cosmic connection between you and the universe. So why not tap into the power of astrology and start dressing for the stars?

Understanding the basics of astrology and color symbolism

Astrology delves into the relationship between celestial bodies and human life. Color symbolism is a big part of this ancient practice. Colors have deeper meanings than just visual appeal. Knowing the basics of astrology and color symbolism can unlock a captivating realm where hues meet cosmic forces.

The connection between astrology and colors dates back centuries. Each color is thought to connect to certain celestial energies and planetary influences. People use this knowledge to decide what colors to wear on certain days.

For example, red stands for passion, energy, and assertion. It connects to Mars, the planet of courage and ambition. Wearing red on a Tuesday is considered lucky as it aligns with the day’s unique vibration.

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On Wednesdays, yellow or orange can be worn to access Mercury’s intellectual prowess. These colors boost mental agility and communication.

Color associations are the same in various astrological systems and cultures, but there are some differences due to historical context. In ancient Egypt, blue symbolized protection from evil spirits and had divine meanings. Nowadays, blue is linked to peace and tranquility, but in astrology, it represents wisdom and introspection.

Exploring the history behind astrology’s use of colors across different eras and cultures reveals more about this immersive practice. From ancient spiritual beliefs to modern understanding of celestial influence – the tie between astrology and color remains an interesting subject for those seeking harmony between cosmic forces and personal expression.

Monday: Colors associated with the Moon and the significance in astrology

Colors associated with the Moon have great significance in astrology, especially on Mondays. These colors are believed to have special qualities and energies that can affect and improve our lives. Let’s discover these colors and their astrological significance for each day of the week.

Monday is connected with the color white. This light tone symbolizes purity, intuition, and emotional healing. It is said to increase our link with our subconscious and sharpen our thoughts and emotions. Wearing white on Monday can assist us to access our inner wisdom and manage life’s changes with more insight.

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Day Color Astrological Significance
Monday White Purity, Intuition, Emotional Healing
Tuesday Red Courage, Passion, Energy
Wednesday Green Growth, Communication, Harmony
Thursday Yellow Abundance, Optimism, Expansion
Friday Blue Love, Compassion, Creativity
Saturday Black Protection, Grounding, Discipline
Sunday Orange Vitality, Success, Confidence

White is linked to the Moon’s energy on Mondays not only for its meanings stated above but also for its association to lunar deities like Artemis and Diana, in various myths from around the world.

Here’s an interesting true story which shows the power of wearing colors associated with astrology. A friend of mine had been feeling emotionally drained for weeks. On a Monday morning, she decided to wear a white dress instead of her usual bright clothes. Surprisingly, she felt peacefulness and mental clarity that day, which she hadn’t felt in a long time. It was like the color white had removed negative energies and restored her emotional well-being.

Astrology gives us numerous methods to align our lives with the energies around us. Wearing colors connected to particular days is one useful way to do this. Therefore, why not have the influence of the Moon on Mondays and wear beautiful shades of white? You may just discover a newfound peace and inner wisdom waiting to unfold.

Tuesday: Colors associated with Mars and their astrological implications

On Tuesdays, the colors related to Mars come with astrological implications. Let’s see what they are!

Red is seen as courage, passion and energy. It encourages action and determination.

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Maroon is a sign of strength, stability and power. It helps with focus and grounding.

Crimson is associated with ambition, vitality and drive. It boosts motivation and self-confidence.

Scarlet and vermilion share similar qualities. If you want to tap into Mars’ energy, wear these colors on Tuesdays. You’ll have more assertiveness and determination to reach your goals.

Science backs this up. A study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General showed that people exposed to red had higher readiness for action than those exposed to blue or green. So why not wear some Mars-inspired colors and take on the day with vigor and confidence?

Wednesday: Colors associated with Mercury and their astrological significance

Wednesdays are associated with the colors yellow, green, and purple – each of which symbolizes its own unique vibration. Yellow stands for intelligence, communication, and wit; green for growth, harmony, and fertility; and purple for creativity, spirituality, and intuition. By wearing these colors, one can tap into cosmic energies and alter their mood and mindset throughout the day.

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Yellow clothing is said to promote clarity of thought and effective communication during conversations or tasks. Green outfits foster understanding and empathy in relationships. Ancient civilizations believed wearing purple on Wednesdays enhanced psychic abilities.

Astrologers suggest that incorporating these colors into daily life can positively impact one’s overall wellbeing by creating harmony between celestial energies and their personal aura.

Thursday: Colors associated with Jupiter and their impact in astrology

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter in astrology. These colors have a special effect on our lives. Let’s explore their importance and what they mean.

Color Astrological Impact
Purple Power, creativity, and spirituality. Enhances leadership and personal growth.
Blue Feeling of calm and clarity. Helps communication and decision-making.
Yellow Optimism, intellect, and confidence. Stimulates mental activity and focus.

Plus, other shades like indigo are also linked to Jupiter. It symbolizes intuition and insight.

If you want to make the most of these colors, wearing them on Thursday or when you want Jupiter’s influence is the way to go! Get the benefits of each color. It’s a great way to unlock new opportunities and reach self-improvement. Unlock the power of colors in your life!

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Friday: Colors associated with Venus and their relevance in astrology

Friday is all about Venus in astrology. Each day has a color linked to it. Venus stands for love, beauty, and harmony, so its colors are important. Wearing the right one on Fridays can help bring balance in life.

Green is the main color for Venus and Friday. It is soothing and represents nature, fertility, and abundance. Wearing green on Fridays is believed to bring love, luck, and prosperity. It also encourages healing and relaxation.

Pink is another color for Venus. It’s romantic and gentle, with femininity and tenderness. Pink symbolizes affection, compassion, and harmony. Wearing it on Fridays is said to open the heart chakra while attracting harmonious relationships.

Light blue and lavender are also related to Venus on Fridays. These soft hues show tranquility, serenity, and grace. They promote feelings of peace and harmony while improving inner connection.

Wearing the Venus colors on Fridays is said to bring positive energy and emotional health. These colors link individuals to the energy of love, beauty, and harmony.

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Astrology enthusiasts believe in the power of colors and days like Friday. Even though there’s no scientific proof, many people feel comfort in these ancient practices.

Saturday: Colors associated with Saturn and their astrological interpretations

Saturn is linked with certain colors. This piece looks into the colors connected to Saturday, which is ruled by Saturn, and their meanings.

The following table shows Saturn’s colors and their astrological meanings:

Color Astrological Interpretation
Black Symbolizes discipline
Dark Blue Signifies authority
Grey Represents responsibility
Indigo Reflects intuition

These colors are important for those who believe in astrology. Wearing black on Saturday indicates embracing discipline. Dark blue brings out one’s authoritative side. Grey suggests responsibility. Finally, indigo encourages intuition.

It is interesting that astrology gives meanings to various elements of our lives. This includes color worn on a certain day. Exploring these interpretations can help us understand our personalities and influence others.

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Astrology states that black on Saturdays symbolizes discipline and gives focus on tasks (Source:

Sunday: Colors associated with the Sun and their significance in astrology

The hue you don on a certain day can affect your mood and energy. This is especially true for Sundays, as certain colors are connected to the Sun and have special relevance in astrology.

  • Yellow: Representing positivity, joy, and success, wearing yellow on Sundays can boost your spirits and bring optimism.
  • Gold: Symbolizing power, affluence, and prosperity, donning gold-hued garments or accessories on Sundays can bring luck.
  • Orange: Orange symbolizes creativity, zeal, and liveliness. By wearing orange on Sundays, you can ignite your enthusiasm and utilize your creative potential.
  • Red: Red means energy, ardor, and determination. Sporting red on Sundays can give you an extra push of assurance and energy.
  • White: Not directly tied to the Sun, white stands for chastity, lucidity, and fresh starts. Wearing white on Sundays can give you serenity and inner peace.

Apart from these, other warm shades like pink or peach can also be in keeping with the Sun’s energy. Trying out different shades of these colors can help you discover which one works best for you.

Pro Tip: Astrology is subjective, so it’s critical to trust your instincts when selecting your color for any given day. Let yourself bond with the energy of each color and pick the one that makes you feel most balanced and confident.


Astrology reveals that the colors we wear have a big influence. We’ve looked at the link between colors and each day of the week. Now, let’s look closer.

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Wearing the color of a given day can boost energy. However, everyone has a unique chart and likes. This must be taken into account when dressing.

Moreover, astrological events or transits may change the best color to wear. During Mercury retrograde, for instance, it could be helpful to don a serene blue.

Also, trying different shades of the suggested color can add to the outfit. By experimenting with various tones, we can find what suits us best.

Astrology helps us sense energies at any moment. If we clothes according to these vibrations, we can experience greater harmony.

Pro Tip: Astrology can make choosing clothes interesting. But always trust your intuition. It knows what will make you feel strong each day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is astrology?

A: Astrology is the belief that the positions and movements of celestial bodies can influence human behavior and personality traits.

Q: Can wearing certain colors on specific days improve luck according to astrology?

A: Yes, according to astrology, wearing specific colors on different days of the week can enhance positive energies, attract good luck, and bring harmony to life.

Q: Which color should I wear on Sunday according to astrology?

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A: According to astrology, wearing bright and vibrant shades of yellow and gold on Sundays can bring success, happiness, and creativity.

Q: What is the recommended color for Monday according to astrology?

A: Astrology suggests wearing shades of white, cream, and pastels on Mondays to enhance emotional balance, promote harmony, and increase intuition.

Q: Which color is considered auspicious for Tuesday as per astrological beliefs?

A: According to astrology, wearing shades of red, like maroon or coral, on Tuesdays can bring energy, drive, and motivation. It is believed to attract accomplishment and victory.

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Q: What color can enhance intellect and communication on Wednesday as per astrology?

A: Astrology recommends wearing green on Wednesdays to improve communication skills, enhance intellect, and attract financial prosperity.