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About Us

Welcome to Astrological Eden, where the astrology wonders come alive!

While I may not have been born under a particular constellation, this website is my way of taking flight into the captivating world of astrology. With 15 years of experience studying the stars and their influence, I’ve dedicated myself to helping others navigate the cosmic realms.

Hailing from the enchanting lands of the UK, I’ve traversed the globe in search of celestial wisdom. From the snow-capped mountains to sun-drenched beaches, astrology has always fascinated me.

I invite you to explore my blog, where I share my passion and insights into the mystical realm of astrology. Whether you’re seeking guidance, seeking answers, or simply curious about the celestial dance above, I hope you’ll find this space intriguing.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions, need assistance, or want to embark on an astrological journey together.

If you’re interested in getting featured on Astrological Eden, order here:

Wishing you cosmic enlightenment,

Dale Garrett
Founder of


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