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How To Find Ic Astrology

Have you ever wanted to know about IC astrology? Here’s your chance! This article will explore this mysterious world and teach you how to uncover its secrets.

IC astrology, or Imum Coeli astrology, gives you a look into your innermost thoughts and feelings. It does this by focusing on the nadir point in your birth chart. Knowing the importance of IC astrology allows you to get to know yourself and your subconscious better.

To find out your IC position, you must identify the degree and sign of your IC. An experienced astrologer can help or you can use online tools to generate a birth chart. After finding it, you can analyse its placement in relation to other planetary aspects and house cusps. This gives you an understanding of your emotional base, family life, and ancestral links.

The best thing about IC astrology is its ability to show you aspects of your life that you may not have known about. By exploring your inner self with IC astrology, you can gain a clearer view of your past, present, and future.

Did you know that Marc Edmund Jones popularized modern-day IC astrology in the early 20th century? He made it one of the four main angles in a birth chart, alongside Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DC), and Midheaven (MC). Thanks to him, we now have access to a lot of knowledge about this branch of astrology.

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Are you ready to explore the unknown and find out more about yourself? Let’s take this journey together and look into the depths of IC astrology!

What is IC astrology?

IC Astrology is an enthralling branch. It looks into the impact of the IC, also known as the Imum Coeli, on astrology. This point in a birth chart symbolizes our deepest self and foundation.

Exploring IC astrology means examining the zodiac sign and degree of the IC in our birth chart.This unveils strong insights into our feelings, family connections, and psychological foundations. With this knowledge, we can make judgements based on our core values with more awareness.

What sets IC astrology apart is that it reveals hidden aspects of an individual’s character. It illuminates familial patterns, inherited habits, and even repressed traumas that may be affecting our present. Acknowledging and dealing with these influences can help us break away from bad cycles and create positive change.

Diving further into IC astrology unveils the intricate tapestry of our ancestry. We can learn about our heritage, customs passed on through generations, and even ancestral advice that may guide us. Realizing these connections goes beyond personal growth; it provides understanding of ourselves and how we relate to others and the world.

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The history of IC astrology dates back to ancient civilizations like Babylonian and Egyptian. These cultures saw the importance of recognizing our roots for spiritual growth and social balance. By taking on this wisdom today, we keep an age-old tradition of seeking guidance from our ancestors to find purpose in our lives.

Importance of finding IC astrology

Exploring IC astrology is key to gain insight into our personal connection with our ancestry & roots. It can help us understand our emotional foundation & familial influences. It provides a tool to heal ancestral wounds & create a more harmonious future.

Here are some tips to dive into the realm of IC astrology:

  1. Research family history to uncover details about your ancestral lineage.
  2. Seek help from an astrologer who specializes in IC astrology.
  3. Reflect on family dynamics & recurring themes or patterns.

Finding IC astrology is an invitation to honor our past, embrace our present, and create a meaningful future. So embark on this enlightening journey today & unlock the transformative power of understanding your ancestral ties through astrology.

Step 1: Researching IC astrology

  1. Start researching IC astrology to unlock its secrets! Knowing this will form a strong base for your journey.
  2. Understand the basics of IC astrology, such as its history, principles, and the IC point in a birth chart.
  3. Learn about different systems, like Placidus, Koch, and Equal House systems.
  4. Investigate the symbolic associations of the IC point with ancestral connections, heritage, family dynamics, and inner emotions.
  5. Analyze real-life cases to gain practical insights.
  6. Reach out to experts for guidance.
  7. Keep an open mind and explore diverse perspectives to deepen your understanding.
  8. Follow these steps and you’ll uncover the wisdom of IC astrology!

Step 2: Consulting astrology resources

To get into astrology and build up your knowledge, follow these steps:

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  1. Look at trustworthy astrology sites, like or Cafe Astrology.
  2. Check out the various sections on the websites, like horoscopes, birth charts, and astrology articles.
  3. Join online forums and communities about astrology. Talk to other enthusiasts and learn from them.
  4. Think of buying astrology books or subscribing to astrology magazines for more in-depth info and analysis.

Also, you can go to workshops or seminars given by professional astrologers to gain guidance. Being with other people who like astrology as much as you can help you learn more.

From my own experience, I found a great resource called “Astrology Hub”. It has lots of high quality teaching materials. By listening to their podcasts and going to their webinars, I’ve grown my understanding of astrology. The different views from prominent astrologers have made my journey to become an informed astrologer more enjoyable.

Step 3: Interpreting your birth chart

Interpreting your birth chart is a must-do for understanding who you are and what life path you are on. Here’s a guide to help you make sense of it:

  1. Basics: Examine the planets, houses, and aspects in your birth chart. Each planet represents different areas of your life. Houses show where these energies manifest. Look at any aspects between the planets to see the connections and dynamics.
  2. Signs: Zodiac signs play a big role. Each sign has its own qualities that affect how planets express themselves. Note the signs in each house and their ruling planets.
  3. Elements & Modalities: Further depth comes from the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) and three modalities (cardinal, fixed, mutable). These reveal your temperament, motivations, and how you interact with others.
  4. Seek Help: Interpreting a birth chart can be difficult. If you’re stuck, talk to an astrologer who can provide personalized guidance based on your chart.

Remember, astrology offers potential possibilities and tendencies based on planetary alignments at the time of your birth. For example, a woman with a strong Pluto aspect felt drawn to deep transformation and healing work. She discovered her passion for psychology and became a successful therapist.

Interpreting your birth chart is an exciting journey full of hidden treasures. Take your time to explore this ancient wisdom and uncover the insights it holds.

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Step 4: Seeking personalized guidance

It’s essential to get personalized guidance in IC astrology to gain a better understanding of your chart. Here is a 5-step guide to make it easier:

  1. Find good astrologers: Look for ones with a good record and positive reviews.
  2. Assess their skill: Check out their experience, qualifications and if they provide the guidance you need.
  3. Arrange a consultation: Talk to the ones you chose and discuss your needs and expectations.
  4. Ask questions during session: Make sure to ask doubts or worries about your IC house.
  5. Make the right choice: Consider each consultation and trust your gut when selecting one.

Remember, seeking help is an investment in yourself. Tip: Keep an open mind and trust the process. Your astrologer can reveal very useful info which can also help you on your journey.


To wrap it up, uncovering IC astrology can be an enjoyable experience. By looking into your birth chart, you can find secret meanings and learn more about yourself.

It’s key to note that the IC, or Imum Coeli, shows our innermost feelings and beginnings. Comprehending this point in the birth chart helps us to access our past and understand our family dynamics and ancestral effects.

Moreover, discovering the IC ruler provides even more clarity. The planet governing the IC symbolizes our house life, private life, and emotional basis. Examining its position and qualities can give understanding into our relationship with our family and how we make a sense of protection in our lives.

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To improve your IC astrology study, consider these tips:

  1. Examine your own birth chart: Get to know the specific characteristics of your IC sign and ruler. Think about how these elements appear in your life and include this knowledge into your development.
  2. Look for help from an expert astrologer: A knowledgeable astrologer can provide detailed interpretations of your birth chart, focusing on the IC. They can give useful advice and help you work through any family-related troubles.
  3. Connect with similar minds: Join online groups or local astrology groups where you can talk and learn more about IC astrology. Talking with people who have the same interests can broaden your knowledge and provide a helpful network for continued learning.

By following these tips, you will deepen your understanding of IC astrology and unlock deep understandings into your emotional roots. View this journey as a chance for personal growth, letting the wisdom of the stars guide your way.

Further resources and recommendations

Seeking trusted info on ic astrology can boost your knowledge of this amazing topic. Keep these 3 tips in mind for finding helpful resources:

  1. Online Forums: Participate in astrology forums. You’ll gain valuable tips from experienced users. Connect with like-minded people and know new techniques, find reliable sources, and understand ic astrology better.

  2. Books & Literature: Read books by trusted authors. Look for titles about celestial bodies, zodiac signs, and planetary effects on the ic axis. These reliable sources will help you comprehend ic astrology more.

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  3. Professional Advice: Get advice from astrologers who have expertise in ic astrology. Pros often provide customized consultations, online courses, and workshops to help you understand this branch of astrology.

Remember, not all resources are equal. Make sure to get info from sources that have research-backed evidence and a good standing in the astrological community.

Pro Tip: Keep learning by consulting reliable sources and attending workshops or webinars hosted by seasoned astrologers expert in ic astrology. This proactive approach will enhance your knowledge of this special part of celestial reading.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is IC in astrology?

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The IC, short for Imum Coeli, is the bottom point of the natal chart and represents the foundation of our being, our roots, and our innermost feelings.

2. How can I find my IC in astrology?

To find your IC, you need to know your exact birth time. The IC is the cusp of the fourth house, so you can check the sign and degree on the fourth house cusp to determine your IC.

3. Why is it important to know the IC in astrology?

Knowing your IC can provide valuable insights into your family background, home life, and emotional foundation. It helps you understand your deepest emotions and the foundation on which you build your life.

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4. Can I find my IC without knowing my birth time?

No, you need your exact birth time to accurately determine the IC in astrology. Without the birth time, it is not possible to calculate the cusps and accurately locate the IC.

5. How does the IC interact with other astrological factors?

The IC forms angles and aspects with other points in the chart, such as planets, houses, and angles. These interactions can provide further insights into your emotional well-being, family relationships, and the influence of your foundation on other areas of life.

6. Are there any online resources or tools available to find the IC in astrology?

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Yes, there are various online astrology websites and software that can calculate and provide information about your IC based on your birth details. You can search for “IC calculator” or “natal chart calculator” to find such resources.