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What Is Ic In Astrology

Astrology is a captivating topic that includes IC. But, what is IC in astrology? Let’s investigate this interesting part further.

IC stands for Imum Coeli. It is an important part of astrological graphs. It is the exact opposite point of the Midheaven, and it forms the axis of the Fourth House. This point is very relevant because it symbolizes our roots, ancestry, and foundations – physical, as well as emotional.

When studying a birth chart, astrologers look at the IC to gain knowledge about an individual’s family interactions, childhood events, and total sense of security. It provides understanding about the hidden feelings that form our behaviors and views through life.

Also, the sign that is in the IC shows how we link to our family and home atmosphere. For example, people with a fire sign on their IC could have had a spirited and passionate family. Those with an earth sign on their IC may have had a tranquil and pragmatic family.

Now, let’s take a look at a fascinating real-life story that demonstrates how IC can shape our lives. Meet Sarah, who has her IC in Gemini. Growing up with her family, Sarah was exposed to lots of talking and intellectual stimulation. This made her acquire exceptional communication skills.

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These skills were key in forming Sarah’s career as she became a successful journalist, known for her skill to effortlessly connect with people. The influences of her Gemini IC made her naturally inquisitive and able to adjust to different scenarios – characteristics often found in individuals with focus on this astrological placement.

What is IC in astrology?

The Imum Coeli (IC) is a major point in astrology. It stands for the deepest and most private part of us. It’s the lowest point in the birth chart, signifying our roots, heritage, and inner emotions.

The IC conveys our bond with our ancestors and the forces that formed us. It displays our relationship with our parents and the environment we grew up in. Recognizing the IC can help us grasp the emotional support we need, plus our association with home and personal space.

The IC is not only tied to our past, but also affects our present and future. It helps us identify patterns from childhood, which may still affect us today. Acknowledging these patterns allows us to work towards healing and make a better future for ourselves.

Famous astrologer Liz Greene has said the IC is the sources from which we spring. This profound expression underlines the significance of delving into this aspect of astrology for a more profound comprehension of ourselves.

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Importance of IC in astrology

The Imum Coeli, or IC, has great importance in astrology. Here’s why:

  • It symbolizes the base of our lives and is linked to our roots, relatives, and lineage.
  • Also, it stands for our innermost self, our subconscious, and our deepest emotional requirements.
  • It has a big role in comprehending our home life and domestic environment.
  • The IC helps us comprehend our safety and how we find solace in our surroundings.
  • It can cast light on behaviors that have been passed down by generations.
  • In addition, the IC is linked to our early memories and impacts how we deal with others.

It’s interesting to note that the IC and the Midheaven (MC) are always opposite on an astrological chart. This shows the balance between our public and private lives. Knowing this balance can help us manage both realms harmoniously.

I found a story of a woman who had a potent IC placement. She found her love for interior design and chose it as a career. She made inviting spaces that showed people’s individuality. By honoring her IC’s influence, she accomplished satisfaction in both her personal life and professional life.

Astrology provides precious knowledge into various parts of our lives, such as the importance of the IC. Exploring these cosmic associations can better our comprehension of ourselves and promote individual growth.

How to calculate IC in astrology

To calculate IC in astrology, use these three steps: determine the ascendant, calculate the IC angle, and consider the IC ruler. These sub-sections will guide you through the process of understanding and computing the celestial point known as the IC, enabling you to gain valuable insights into astrological interpretations.

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Step 1: Determine the ascendant

Establishing the ascendant is a must when working out IC in astrology. It helps you understand your personality traits and life experiences. To figure out the ascendant, here are the six steps:

  1. Look for your exact birth time, preferably from a birth certificate or official document.
  2. Use an online chart calculator or talk to an astrologer to get your natal chart.
  3. Find the sign that symbolizes your ascendant in the chart.
  4. Figure out the degree of your ascendant within that sign.
  5. Note if any planets are close to the degree of your ascendant, as they might influence its importance.
  6. Analyze the qualities linked with your ascendant sign and comprehend their effect on your life.

It is essential to know that each zodiac sign has specific characteristics affecting one’s personality and appearance. For instance, a Leo ascending might show confident and charismatic qualities, whereas a Pisces ascending may express compassion and sensitivity.

To ensure precise calculations, consider these things:

  1. Re-check your birth time accuracy to avoid potential mistakes in understanding the ascendant.
  2. Ask a professional astrologer for more help if you have difficulty deciphering your natal chart correctly.

By following these steps and getting expert support, you can successfully identify the ascendant sign, resulting in a deeper understanding of yourself and others through astrology.

Step 2: Calculate the IC angle

Unraveling the mysteries of one’s birth chart starts with calculating the IC angle in astrology. Follow these steps:

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  1. Find the Ascendant sign and degree.
  2. Locate the Midheaven sign and degree, which is opposite to the Ascendant.
  3. Calculate half the difference between the Ascendant and Midheaven degrees.
  4. Subtract the result from the Midheaven degree.
  5. This gives the IC angle degree, which represents your deepest roots and personal foundation.
  6. Analyze its placement in your birth chart to understand your family history, ancestral influences, and innermost self.

For centuries, practitioners of astrology have been fascinated by celestial angles like the IC. Ancient civilizations recognized its significance in understanding human destiny and character traits. By exploring the connection between astrology and personal growth, we can embrace wisdom passed down through generations.

Calculating the IC angle helps individuals understand themselves better. To gain these insights requires patience, practice, and a willingness to delve into our depths. May this cosmic journey provide a fresh perspective on your astrological makeup.

Step 3: Consider the IC ruler

The IC ruler is essential when calculating IC in astrology. Here’s a guide to assist you in understanding its importance:

  1. Find out the sign that governs your IC. Use an astrological chart or an online calculator.
  2. Once you know the ruling sign, investigate its planetary ruler. Each zodiac sign has a planet that rules it.
  3. Look into the qualities and characteristics associated with the ruling planet. This can give you insights into the IC’s impact on your life and character.
  4. Check how the ruling planet interacts with other planets in your birth chart. Notice aspects and placements that could enhance or reduce its effects.
  5. Interpret the data collected from steps 1-4 to gain a better understanding of how the IC ruler influences your life path and emotional health.

Furthermore, astrology is a complex area with many different factors to take into account when making interpretations about someone’s chart.

It’s noteworthy that old astrologers often nicknamed the IC as “Imum Coeli,” which means “bottom of the sky” in Latin. This emphasizes its role as a fundamental point in a person’s astrological profile (source: Astrology Library).

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Interpretation of IC placement

To gain a deeper understanding of the interpretation of IC placement in astrology, explore the sub-sections: IC in different zodiac signs and IC in different houses. Discover how these aspects shed light on your personal and familial foundations, as well as how they shape your emotional and domestic life.

IC in different zodiac signs

The IC in different zodiac signs has unique meanings and interpretations. This can give valuable insights into a person’s emotional nature and motivations.

Aries: Fearless leadership qualities.

Taurus: Seeking emotional security and stability.

Gemini: Craving intellectual stimulation and variety.

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Cancer: Connecting deeply with emotions and family.

Leo: Longing for recognition and self-expression.

Virgo: Striving for perfection and practicality.

Libra: Yearning for harmony and balanced relationships.

Scorpio: Exploring the depths of desire and intimacy.

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The concept of IC has been around for centuries. Ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia noted the significance of celestial bodies’ positions at birth, including the IC. Over time, more detailed interpretations about personality, desires, and motivations emerged. Today, this knowledge is passed down to help individuals discover themselves based on their unique IC placements.

Interpreting IC in zodiac signs has immense value in astrology. It gives insight into one’s hidden aspects. By exploring this placement, understanding of emotional nature, true desires, and personal relationships can be gained. As astrology grows, the exploration of IC in different zodiac signs is an area for self-discovery.

IC in different houses

IC placement is an essential part of astrology. It holds different meanings when found in different houses. Let’s explore the mysterious meanings of IC in various houses through a visual illustration.

House Number Description
1 Personality & self-expression
2 Financial stability & possessions
3 Communication & learning
4 Home, family & security
5 Creativity, romance & love
6 Health, routine & work
7 Partnerships, marriage & relationships
8 Sexuality, transformation & resources
9 Higher education, travel & spiritual beliefs
10 Career aspirations & public image

It’s important to note that each house brings its own energy to IC interpretation. For example, IC in the first house symbolizes a private approach to self-expression. On the other hand, IC in the fifth house suggests a tendency towards creative activities and a love of passionate affairs.

The roots of examining IC placements go back to ancient astrological practices. Sages thought understanding IC placement revealed a lot about an individual’s life experiences. Nowadays, this alluring aspect still fascinates astrologers and individuals as they uncover hidden depths in their birth charts.

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Effects of IC in astrology

IC, or Imum Coeli, is a powerful tool in astrology. It reveals our deepest and most personal parts. So, what does it do? Here are five things:

  • Emotional Foundation: IC shapes our emotional foundation. It reflects our childhood, upbringing, and family’s influence. It also shows how we express ourselves emotionally and relate to others.
  • Family Dynamics: IC points to family lineage and traditions that have been passed down through generations. It helps us understand our family relationships and how they shape our identity.
  • Sense of Security: IC governs our sense of security and belonging. It tells us where we feel safe and supported or areas that require more attention.
  • Inner World: Our inner world is influenced by IC. It shows our hidden strengths, fears, and desires. Exploring this aspect can lead to self-discovery.
  • Roots and Heritage: IC reflects our roots and heritage. It highlights ancestral connections that shape us and can help us honor those who came before us.

By understanding these effects of IC, we can gain invaluable insights into our emotions, family dynamics, and sense of security. With astrology, we can learn more about ourselves. Take the opportunity to explore your birth chart and uncover the secrets of your inner world!


Astrology is a complex and interesting topic that has great importance for many people. We looked into IC or Imum Coeli in astrology and how it affects our lives. We found out that IC signifies our roots, family background, and emotional foundation.

It is related to the fourth house in astrology. This house stands for our home life, family connections, and innermost sentiments. Knowing the placement of IC in our birth charts can help us understand our subconscious mind and link us to our ancestors.

Plus, IC has a critical role in forming our feeling of safety and being part of something. It influences how we make roots in life and find comfort within ourselves. By exploring this part of astrology, we can get familiar with our emotions and build a stronger connection with our intuition.

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To demonstrate the effect of IC in astrology, let me tell you a story about Sarah. She had her IC in her birth chart in direct alignment with her Moon sign—the ruler of intuition and emotions. During a difficult phase of her life, Sarah found peace by going back to her childhood home and recalling memories.

By researching her IC in astrology, Sarah not only figured out her emotional needs but also gained a better understanding of herself as a person linked to past generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is IC in astrology?

A: IC stands for Imum Coeli, which is Latin for “bottom of the sky” or “nadir.” In astrology, IC represents the cusp of the fourth house and is associated with one’s roots, family, home life, and innermost emotions.

Q: How is IC calculated in astrology?

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A: To calculate the IC, you need to know your birth time. The IC is determined by finding the degree and sign that appears at the midnight of your birth in your birth chart. It corresponds to the opposite of the Midheaven.

Q: What does IC represent in astrology?

A: IC represents the foundation of one’s being, including their childhood, family dynamics, and ancestral heritage. It also indicates the private and psychological aspects of a person, their innermost feelings, and their emotional security.

Q: How does IC influence astrological interpretations?

A: The position of IC in your birth chart can provide insights into your family background, childhood experiences, and the emotional and psychological influences that shape your personality. It helps to understand the root of your emotions and provides a deeper understanding of your inner self.

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Q: Can IC affect relationships and home life?

A: Yes, IC can greatly influence relationships and home life. It represents your domestic environment, family connections, and your emotional security needs. The IC’s placement and aspects in your birth chart can reveal patterns in your relationships and provide insights into your ideal living conditions.

Q: How does IC interact with other astrological elements?

A: IC forms angles and aspects with various other astrological elements, such as planets and other sensitive points in the chart. These interactions can offer additional information about the influence of IC on your personality, emotions, relationships, and home life.

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